2016 Warden Team

People’s Warden:  Audrey Mistiades
Rector’s Warden:  Bob Ives


We are happy to report on another busy and joyful year at Holy Trinity. It was a year of financial challenges, new opportunities for outreach, socializing, and coming together for fun and worship It was also a year where we as a Christian community were asked to reflect on stewardship and the future of our church. Thanks to all the people of Holy Trinity, we can look forward to another year with all the joys and challenges it will bring.
Much time and effort was poured into the grounds around the church.  Several yards of top soil was brought in and spread over the gardens.  Thanks to the dedicated gardeners of Holy Trinity, some old unused portions of the garden were seeded into grass.  Shrubs were transplanted, new plants brought in and dozens of bags of weeds sent for composting. 
The heating system gave us grief several times this past year, but the biggest challenge was the storm damage to the old north-facing roof of the church and office area. This included water leaking into the sacristy. Things looked financially grim until some very generous donations were given for the repairs. And so, we have a new roof on the north side. 
In the church interior, our ladies choir room received a much-needed complete clean-out and facelift from top to bottom.  What a fabulous change.  Our handicapped washroom also received a few fresh coats of paint, making it much brighter and pleasant.  Thanks to volunteers on both projects.
Griffiths Hall was the site for the newly formed FOCUS group’s inaugural event. FOCUS is a neighbourhood group with the intent of getting to know your neighbours and working together for the mutual benefit of the community. It was a fun evening and we had a chance to meet Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet) and hear him speak on the importance of community. More FOCUS events are planned.  
Patience is the word regarding the refugee family that Holy Trinity agreed to sponsor. With great enthusiasm, all the required funds were assembled with the hope that the Rama family would soon be safe in Canada. We are still waiting but the family has not been forgotten, Thanks to the committee that has navigated the path of refugee sponsorship. 
We saw two of our own awarded the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster this year. Congratulations to Priscilla Archer and Simon Johnston.  

Over the year, there were several very successful fund-raising and social events. Thanks to both the event organizers/volunteers as well as those who bought tickets. There must be both.

  • February: Pancake Dinner
  • March:      Pub Night     
  • May:         Refugee Family Fundraiser
  • June:        Spring Tea     
  • October:  Estate and Funeral Planning   
  • October:  FOCUS meeting
  • December:  Christmas Bazaar            

This year, with continuing annual deficits and donation challenges, our church has been asked to consider the financial future and even the existence of Holy Trinity. With that in mind, a Financial Review Committee formed to assess the historical giving patterns and offer several scenarios to the future of Holy Trinity. In November, at a special vestry meeting, Ron Dicks presented the group’s finding.  Stay tuned. 
The wardens thank our rector, the Rev. Neil Gray, and our deacon, the Rev. Paul Richards for their guidance and support; our staff, Music Director and organist,           Ulo Valdma, our Office Manager Jann Callaghan Cullen, for all her work and support, and our caretaker Joan Macleod for keeping us neat and clean. And the wardens thank everyone – the givers, the organizers, the volunteers, for keeping Holy Trinity going. With God and the people, together we make a church. 
Respectfully submitted,
Bob Ives and Audrey Mistiades