Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity

Welcome to the parish of Holy Trinity, located in White Rock, British Columbia, a part of the Diocese of New Westminster and the Anglican Church of Canada.

A Caring Christian Community Seeking and Welcoming Others to Join Us in Our Journey of Faith.

Note:  Church closed Mon., May 22nd, for Stat Holiday

Help Us Raise The Roof!

Our old building needs new roofing, and we need everyone’s help to make it happen.  To kick start the fundraising, our Rector, the noted theologian and award-winning preacher, is planning to set a record for the world’s longest sermon(Well, maybe not quite that long – the current record is for 53 hrs and 18 minutes!)

Neil will be preaching on Saturday, May 20th from 2:00 p.m. to 5:20 p.m.  – a total of 200 minutes.  Your part is to attend church during that time to support and encourage him with water and throat lozenges!  Feel free to come and go as you wish. 

Please sponsor our Rector - the rate is $10 per minute –  so you can choose the length of time suitable to your personal financial situation, or, if you prefer, you can make a flat donation. 

Keep those pledges rolling in!  We’ve now reached over $7,800 – keep an eye on the ‘progress board’ in the library.  Please give your cash or cheque directly to the Rector so he can keep track.  Cheques should be made payable to “Church of the Holy Trinity” with “Building” in the memo line! 

Garage Sale Plus

is coming, Saturday, June 3

We need your donations of quality garage sale items, clean and in good working condition.
 (No large items, broken items or furniture, please!)

Please bring your items in to the office!

- Home Décor - Jewellery   - Accessories
- Quality clothing - Purses  - Scarves
- Books - Crystal   - Silver 
- Kitchen items  - Tools - Plants
- Collector’s Items - Bric-a-brac  - Gift items
- Sports items - Art  -Whatever!

Please bring in your baking for the Bake Sale on Friday, June 2nd,
so we have time to price it!

Your support means everything!
Dig deep into your closets and garages,
back drawers and under your beds! 



Please bring in your Buy-Low receipts!  We collect them and Buy-Low generously redeems them for Gift Certificates that we give to the needy.  The collection container is on the A.C.W. table.


Trinity Sunday, June 11th

Plan to attend this very special occasion, as we welcome Bishop Melissa Skelton as our preacher and presider, to help us celebrate Holy Trinity’s Feast of Title.  There will be one combined service only on this day, when we will meet as one congregation at 9:30 a.m.


It’s time to get out all those scarlet skirts, vermillion vests and crimson cardigans!  By ancient tradition, we all try to wear something red to celebrate the fiery outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (June 4th).  This marks the close of the Easter Season.

P.W.R.D.F.  -  Water Project- Pikangikum

Pikangikum is a First Nations community in northwestern Ontario.  It came to national attention after a wave of youth suicides, which prompted a group of Toronto-based professionals to work with the Pikangikum elders and school system as the Pikangikum Working Group (PWG), which identified twelve priorities for the community.  The first priority was to get a new school, which opened in the fall of 2016.  The second is clean water.

The water problem

  • Of the 450 homes in the community, 415 (90%+) do not have water or waste-water services.
  • Surface water sources (lakes and rivers) are vulnerable to contamination, as are in-home water storage systems.
  • Inadequate and decrepit wooden outhouses are used by most residents.
  • Most of the present homes do not have the space or the structural integrity to support bathroom facilities.

The goal

  • To provide a source of potable drinking water to Pikangikum homes, equipping the homes with a cistern to hold the water and a wastewater holding tank, as well as the necessary fixtures and fittings.
  • Since 2013, over $440 000 has been raised and 14 homes equipped with clean water and waste water removal facilities
  • Plans are underway for Phase 2 to begin in 2016

PWRDF’s Commitment to Pikangikum
A network of concerned Canadian Christians, working with PWRDF, has raised over $440,000, an amount that continues to grow.   The residents of Pikangikum are already sharing in the change that this money is helping to make possible.

Habitat for Humanity joins Pikangikum Project

The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund is pleased to announce confirmation of a partnership with Habitat for Humanity Manitoba, to bring clean water to 10 more homes in Pikangikum.
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Church of the Holy Trinity
The Rev. Neil Gray, Rector

The Rev. Neil Gray, Rector

The Rev. Paul Richards, Deacon


Bob Ives, Letta Lewis & Lenore Richards

15115 Roper Avenue,
White Rock, BC
V4B 2E8
Directions to
Holy Trinity

Peace Be With You