Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity

Welcome to the parish of Holy Trinity, located in White Rock, British Columbia, a part of the Diocese of New Westminster and the Anglican Church of Canada.

A Caring Christian Community Seeking and Welcoming Others to Join Us in Our Journey of Faith.


The Rector will be away from June 29th to July 22nd, enjoying some English summer sunshine and the quiet beauty of the Lake District.

Summer OFFICE Hours - July 1st to Aug. 31st

Office hours:
Tues, Wed & Thurs.  9 am – 1 pm

Caretaker hours:
Mon, Tues & Wed. 9 am – 1 pm

*The office & church will be closed on Fridays & all Statutory Holidays

Please note that during the shortened summer hours, our answering machine will be on 24/7 and all important messages will be responded to as quickly as possible.

A ROCHA – Volunteers needed A.S.A.P.!!

We need Volunteers to help pick up fresh produce from A Rocha’s Brooksdale (16 Ave at 192nd) and deliver it –

  • Tuesdays:  to Sources Food Bank (White Rock)
  • Fridays:  to Umoga Refugee Centre (Whalley)



Deacon Paul has thrown down the gauntlet!

I am issuing a challenge to all those who might take up jamming in the cause of Holy Trinity church bazaars in the Flight of the Jambusters!  In anticipation of our Christmas Bazaar, I am undertaking jamming of preserves to sell at our next bazaar (so heaven help me). Can you meet or exceed my number of jars of jam? 

Also welcome are jellies, relishes, marmalade, pickles, etc - all are acceptable for competition. It’s jam and Jerusalem at Holy Trinity, so let the jamming begin (all our wonderful berries and fruit are in season)!  The most number of jars contributed to the bazaar will receive a wonderful prize from the Deacon…

Food bank SHORTAGES!

Due to the influx of new Refugees, and the recent fire in White Rock, Sources Food Bank is facing a critical shortage of food items.   We are asking everybody to help support our local food bank by bringing in non-perishable items on June 26th!

Top 10 Needed Food Items:

    • Large cans of powdered Baby Formula
    • Canned Fish/Meat (e.g. tuna, ham, turkey)
    • Healthy Cereal (Hot or Cold)
    • Meals in a Tin (eg. Pork n’ Beans or Stew)
    • Canned Vegetables
    • Canned Fruit
    • Wholegrain Pasta/Rice
    • Pasta Sauces
    • Canned and Dry Soups

Holy Trinity Men's Group

The Holy Trinity Men's Group will be meeting on the last Friday of the month, so please save the the following date at Rickys (formerly ABC) Restaurant at 2160 King George Boulevard.

  • June 24, 2016



Church of the Holy Trinity
The Rev. Neil Gray, Rector

The Rev. Neil Gray, Rector


People’s Warden:  Audrey Mistiades
Rector’s Warden:  Bob Ives

15115 Roper Avenue,
White Rock, BC
V4B 2E8
Directions to
Holy Trinity

Peace Be With You